Welcome to Coleridge Families and to Coleridge Primary School.  This is a fantastic school and we hope you and your children will be very happy as part of the school community.   

If you would like to receive information from Coleridge Families about all the things happening at school that Coleridge Families organise you will need to sign up to get emails from us using this form. Please tick the relevant boxes for your children so we can make sure you receive the right information for your classes and your year groups. If both parents want to sign up on separate email addresses that is fine.  We will only ask for your name, email and mobile phone number when you sign up on this list.

There is also a box to tick if you are a class rep - this will allow us to keep emailing you with details of the events your class or year group are responsible for.  Class reps will receive also email from Coleridge Families committee members and from other reps, by ticking the class rep box you agree to receiving these emails. 

We use MailChimp to send Coleridge Families emails to subscribers. MailChimp is compliant with the GDPR.

We use Ticket Tailor for event ticket sales. Data on Ticket Tailor is held securely by them and they are compliant with GDPR. We only use the data you provide on Ticket Tailor for the purposes of those events. That data can include your children's details for events which the children attend unaccompanied, or for DVD sales when we need your child's name and class for distribution purposes.

You may have given your details to your class rep for a class list shared with other parents in your class. Coleridge Families will not ask reps to use these lists for Coleridge Families' business and all mail for and on behalf of Coleridge Families will come through MailChimp. Class parents can agree amongst themselves to have a shared list or email group or WhatsApp group to organise class socials etc but the data on those lists will not be data controlled by Coleridge Families. Please speak to your reps if you have any issues in relation to information you are getting via your class groups.

We always treat your personal details with the utmost care and will never sell them or share them with other organisations.  The Coleridge Families privacy policy is available at: http://coleridgefamilies.org.uk/privacy-notice/ 

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Coleridge Families will use the information you provide on this form to be in touch with you and to provide updates and event details. Please let us know that you are happy to hear from us by email:

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